3110 Guadalupe Street, Suite 400
Austin, Texas 78705


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3 Responses to Contact

  1. Darin Mattke says:

    I’m looking forward to the new place – oh, and I really liked the sign hanging in the window 🙂

  2. Holly Mathews says:

    Hey you guys! Very cool establishment! I am too a beer admirer,nothing domestic though..ugh.. A couple of my faves are La Fin Du Monde(end of the world-french),a trippel belgian, an awesome brew made by Unibroue out of Quebec.The flavor and body of this beer is truly amazing, a 9% abv,bubbly,fruity,and simply wonderful and i do believe it might be available on tap?, I would consider it my number #1 beer,the other is Chimay,all of them…yay, more belgian,Trappist Monk recipe,mmm.Just my two cents you,Holly

    • Hey There Holly,
      As a domestic beer fan I was hoping to offer some Belgian style beers you may like. Ommegang out of New York makes “Three Philosophers” a quad with a bit of cherry lambic to give it a bit of a kick. They also make “Ommegang which is a good abbey ale. Allagash from Portland makes “Curieux” a trippel that is aged. Allagash is the kind of barrel aging. Avery makes some fantastic Belgian style also including “Salvation” and “Reverend.” To round it out Victory makes a beer called “Golden Monkey” that is a pepper delicious smack in the mouth a bit like Duvel. There are tons more but the ones I mentioned can all be purchased at HEB (although I would prefer you buy local) and are year round.

      See what is happening is a number of Belgian breweries especially the trappists are beginning to use techniques to cut costs. These include using larger brewing silos, more sugar, and hop extract instead of hops. This has left the door open for American brewers to create Belgian styles with Belgian yeasts but that have just as much if not more taste and complexity. Anyhow hope that helped! : )

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