Way overdue for an update

Well, it’s finally on its way. After many weeks of gathering necessary information, panel schedules and tradespeople reviews, our “mandatory” first City rejection, corrections and resubmittal. After days spent clicking “Refresh” on the City of Austin website waiting for all 7 approvals, slowly and one by one they changed from “In Review” to “Approved” and the final approval came in yesterday afternoon! We expect our freshly printed building permit to be delivered to us today or Thursday. I felt like an expectant 50’s papa and boy, now I feel like handing out cigars!

Those weeks stuck in city permitting have not been idle, though. We’ve been meeting with tradespeople, vendors, etc. trying to line everything up perfectly for that sprint to the finish line that is Opening Day. My husband/co-owner, Bay, and I have debated everything from kitchen layout to paint colors to brass vs. stainless steel drain pans (brass won). There is literally nothing in Hopfields that wasn’t carefully chosen. This is a true labor of love.

As far as construction goes, last week we built the frame for our bar and picked up some beautiful reclaimed oak to apply over the bar “skeleton.” The week before that we went out to Round Top, a gigantic biannual antiques fair that goes for miles and miles, displaying antiques and curio from all over the world. We scored some beautiful things, one of which is a large hutch that will serve as our back bar.

All our lighting has been delivered, correct and in one piece, which is great since they all had ~6 week lead times. We’ve collected all our dishware and almost all our furniture. It’s interesting (and a little daunting!) to see all our furnishings, lighting, and whatnot all piled around the storage area. I keep trying to envision what it will look like when it’s all put together. There are still many details to settle but the main ingredients are all here and are looking very nice.

xo, lindsay

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