Beer cocktails

I’ve been a beer lover for a while now, and I can’t recall ever not liking at least some kind of beer.   When I lived in France, my beer-loving tastebuds were at a loss over how few beers there were on tap at bars and how dire the selection of beer was all across the country.  Even in Irish pubs, the fanciest beers around were Kilkhenny, Guinness and Grimbergen.  Not awful beers, but you try living in a place with only the same 3 beers ever on tap and you’ll understand how spoiled we really are here in the good, old US of A.

So, with a totally uninspiring selection of beer, I wasn’t all that surprised when I found out that people were resorting to drinking “beer cocktails.”  I did, admittedly, drop my jaw and cringe my nose the first time I ever saw a bartender add red syrup to a pint of beer and then spray in something from his carbonated tap.  But, then I realized that (even in a beer-forsaken city) sometimes non-beer-drinkers just need a little nudge to fall over into the vast and often intimidating world of beer.  And, besides that, some of those mixes are actually pretty good.  So much so, that I even found myself changing things up a bit, ordering the occasional panaché instead of the usual bottle of Leffe Brune.

In preparation for the approaching Hopfields opening, Bay and Lindsay have been having fun mixing up some beer cocktails, and they’ve held a few tastings with friends to experiment with combining beer and non-beer substances.  Here are a few of the beer mixes we’ve been playing around with:

Panaché (Shandy) – beer with a pour of sparkling lemonade

Monaco – same as a panaché with a bit of grenadine syrup added in (pink beer!)

Tango – beer with a splash grenadine syrup

Michelada – beer with a bit of spicy bloody mary mix, worcestershire and hot sauce

Black Velvet – Guinness (or other stout beer) with champagne

So, what’s your take on “beer cocktails,” and what else are you brave enough to mix into your beer?

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14 Responses to Beer cocktails

  1. seymore says:

    I like experimenting with blends of different craft beers so I think it would be interesting to experiment with other types of mixes as well. I can see how it might appeal to some but for my tastes I would have to stay away from the sweet additives.

  2. seymore says:

    Unless that sweet additive is ice cream! Love me a Stout Float.

  3. Josh says:

    Nothing better than a michelada on a hot Texas afternoon. Or, for a hangover…

  4. What is the “beer” used for mixing the first for concoctions?

  5. Sarah says:

    Well, we’ve tried a few different types mostly sticking with traditional American pale ales and light lagers. For the panaché, I’ve had it with anything from Kronenbourg 1664 pale lager to Tire Bite golden ale. Getting creative can pay off, too. I haven’t personally tried it, but I heard the Delirium michelada Bay served up a couple weeks ago was a total hit.

  6. I personally love a good Snakebite made with hard cider and Guinness. Pretty to look at and nicely balanced in flavor.

  7. Obviously I’m a big proponent of the beer cocktail 🙂 Bay was more leery of putting them on the menu for fear of us scaring off serious beer connoisseur. It seems to be a divisive subject but I’ve yet to meet anyone IRL who’s strongly objected…

    Put me down for the delirium mich 🙂

  8. Bay Anthon says:

    As Lindsay pointed out this scared the hell out of me. Then it kinda of hit me. If we stay true to our philosophy that beer/ale is first and foremost about enjoying the flavor that it brings to ones life. Then we must be open to all the flavors it can bring. Hell, I stay away from chili without beer as one of the ingredients:) That said we are going to stay true to being open to all things beer/ale.

    I am a true believer in the Delirium michelada. Wonder what that will price out at on the menu. Might have to have a lower cost substitute:) St Arnold Weedwhaker made a nice replacement this past week.


  9. I envision these beer cocktails served with a nice cheese selection, olives, and nuts? Or perhaps some types of charcuteries and crudites? I really am interested in the Delirium michelada, sounds fun! Let’s make some!

  10. Mark Peters says:

    Guy in Port A put Big Red in with Guinness. Was a little on the sweet side but if mixed properly could be pretty good. I once tried to make margaritas with Shiner Bock when we ran out of tequilla. That was not so good.

  11. Great list of beer cocktails my wife just sent me. A few already mentioned as well. “Classy, Not Trashy Beer Cocktails” on CHOW:

    Can’t wait for you guys to open!

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  13. Liz says:

    I can’t wait to try the Black Velvet. When do you open?

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