Logo love

So, did y’all see our new logo?  We unveiled it on Facebook earlier this month along with the typeface and tag-line and would love to know what you think.

For a little background, in choosing our logo, we really wanted to showcase the spirit of what we hope to convey at Hopfields; that is, a casual, but beautifully curated home-away-from home for beer purists, beer newbies and beerdoes alike, but also a convivial space for people who just love to share interesting conversation over a table of good grub.

We thought the idea of a penny farther holding a big, fat hop was both indicative of the mix of French-inspired food and beer we’ll be serving, and emblematic of the informal and friendly atmosphere we’re aiming to create.  In a nutshell, we wanted Austinites to feel like they’re dropping in for a drink at a friend’s place, but getting the service and amenities you’d expect from a refined, yet unpretentious watering hole.  Do you get that feeling?


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2 Responses to Logo love

  1. Matthew says:

    I think the logo is great! I can’t wait to come have a beer!

  2. Regina Anaejionu says:

    Love the logo!

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