Beer tasting: Russian River Brewing Co.

Like a true friend, Jonathan came back from a recent trip to the West Coast with a suitcase full of beer to share with his beer-lusting buddies on his return.  In the middle of all of the expected chaos that comes with opening a new bar,  a bag full of hard-to-get beer was more than a welcome reprieve.

In typical Anthon fashion, the front porch was opened up for friends to join in on another round of beer tasting.  This time, all of the beer came from the small but increasingly popular Russian River Brewing Co. of Santa Rosa, CA.  Bay has been dying to get his hands on these beers with a very limited distribution from this craft brewery, so this tasting was a real treat.  Testers were handed out and of course, everyone seemed to have an opinion on each of the five brews.

Here are the beers and some comments that were thrown out about each:

  • Sanctification – a sour blonde with lemongrass and copper aromas, a citrusy taste and a consistent tangy finish
  • Supplication – an amber-colored sour ale that smelled like the ocean to some, sweet like pineapples to others and made someone else think about chewing bubble gum; the tastes were all over the map, from lemon, to sourdough to raisins and even goat cheese!  (I’m definitely intrigued about this one.)
  • Consecration – yet another sour ale, but with a dark molasses and chocolate smell and a rich, tannic taste
  • Blind Pig – a golden IPA that smelled like pine and tree sap, and tasted as earthy as it smelled, imparting a hint of rosemary and a bitter finish
  • Pliny the Elder – a light gold double IPA that smelled like wet hay, but had all the marks of a well-balanced IPA, denoting a myriad of lovely hoppy flavors

Have you tasted any of these beers?  We’d love to hear what you think of them and how they compare with the tasting notes we made.  Let us know what you think about them in the comments.

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2 Responses to Beer tasting: Russian River Brewing Co.

  1. Lee Nichols says:

    Pliny the Elder is awesome. And I’ve visited Russian River, all their stuff is great. I just had a friend who lives is Portland bring me a bottle of Pliny the Elder. If a burglar breaks into my house, I’ll give him anything he wants as long as I can distract him from the Pliny.

  2. patrick says:

    Pliny the Elder! +1

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